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How do I ditch unwanted Chests?

How do you get rid if low level chests and save room
for the good ones?

Or are you forced to open every & any chest you win in pvp? Seems needlessly tedious.

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If you wait long enough, you can open them. :wink:

There is no way to get rid of them, unfortunately.

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That seems needlessly tedious.

And I thought only being able to open one at a time was a joykill, I mean…youre already limited to 4 slots.

Its not helping to make a subscriber out of me yet.

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Being a subscriber doesn’t help, either.

Four slots, one at a time. Subscriber or no.

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The best part is if you have 4 full chest slots already, the game almost seems to invariably give you a silver chest that you then can’t unlock.

I’m sure they do this on purpose to try to get people to spend more gems on bronze garbage chests, which of course is never worth it.

Id love to see an option to delete chests. Ain’t nobody got time for that hot garbage.

The chest you will get does not change so you never “lose out” on whatever chest type you will get next, even if all slots are full. It’s a feature of sorts.

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It just kind of shows a silverfish chest. At least in my experience it doesn’t actually look the same colors of a real chest you get. It is More of a silhouette looking. I don’t think it shows you what you would have had, otherwise you would see mostly brown ones or the brown ones with the gem that are 3 and 8 hours

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It is dimmed, but it always indicates the next chest. They have distinctive markers that allows you to distinguish which chest of the 5 it will be.

Plain chest has wooden planks.
Elegant brown chest has studs.
Blue chest has skeletal lines flowing out of the octopus head.
Purple chest has grooves all over and round studs on the front.
Red chest has gem studs on the side.

So look for these features and then keep track of the next time you have a slot whether it matches the dimmed chest. In my experience, it has always been the case.

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Its a fun game with tons of potential, I hope they dont ruin it.

( Remeber Pokemon Go?)

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That is a lie.

I’ve had plenty of silver chests on my treasury limit to spawn another bronze chest once I’ve cleared it up.

I saw that concept months ago, and it’s just not true. It’s all RNG when you win. When your treasury is full, it tries to bribe you to spend gems.

I challenge the devs to post their algorithm to say otherwise.

This is the only chest I have ever seen come up when treasury is full. It doesn’t look like any particular one. If anything though I would say it looks more like a brown 3 hour one. The little rivets in the bottom of the feet would fit that. However the most convincing part would be the bands on the sides of the chest. In the better chests they are basically all one color. On the 3 hour chest there is a definite difference between the middle and outsides. Like I said this is the one I have gotten every single time. If you get one that is different looking I’d like to see it


@Mkb617 has provided a screen shot of the basic chest. Note the wooden planks in its construction.

Below is a 8-hour elegant chest:

Note the studs and the absence of planks.

@Shovion What you think is “silver” is the dimming out or greyscale effect of a queued chest that wasn’t added to your slots.

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I’ve had the one with lightening bolts come up so often when I have no more room. Comes up way more often in grey than it does in color, where there’s a shiny vacant area for it :slight_smile:

Came up 4x today in about 8-10 battles.

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I’ve Seen The Lighting A Time Or Too,
After I Seen It For The Second Time I Quit Looking, Really Got Heated When I Seen What I Just Missed Out On - A Awesome Chest!!! Then I Kinda Backed Off Playing So Much, Didn’t Want To Keep Missing Out On Good Chests!!! That Grinds My Gears!LOL

You never miss out on chests. What you see dimmed out is what you will get next time. @Shovion does not agree and says I’m a liar. I’ll let you come to your own conclusion on who is more trustworthy on game mechanics.

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So You Don’t Actually Miss Out On Them Then?

Oh looky here, the very next chest I received after I got an open slot was the 8-hour chest:

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You realize that’s because it’s the same chest waiting for you whenever your chest slots are full right? It’s not four separate different chests you missed out on.

I’m not sure how I can express this more clearly: you never lose out on a chest. The greyed out chest waits for when you have a open slot. We don’t skip over any chests if our slots are full.

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