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How do I email ludia?

How do I email them because my purchase did not go through

The email is like or something like that, to get the accurate email you should ask a mod.

It should be

This is ridiculous, the reason this has no replies is because it hides its own email! How ridiculous!

There email is but if you go under “settings” you should see a section called “help & support” if you tap that then you can contact them that way in game.

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That was the only way?!
But what, when you cant geht into the Game and the Game Freeze or closed automaticly?

Why they isnt a Support E-Mail or Formular in Support section?!

Bad Support!

Hey BlackEagle, our support team can also be reached out of the game here at There’s also more information on contacting our team on our FAQ here:

I hope this helps!