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How do I find someone that’s my ingame friend

I really want to find someone who is my friend in my game his or her name is PSYKO85150

It should show up on your friends tab in our Alliance area in the game

I don’t know what you mean. They are my friend but not In my alliance I was just playing with them and I SWARE it was the best battle I’ve ever had Ahahhahaha and I wanted to tell them so. Lol

I know their game name and the name of their alliance but what do I do with that. Lol

U can’t message people that are your friends. Only people in your alliance

I know but is there any way to find them here on the forum

U can search their ign and hope it’s he same as their account name on here. Other than that no

Ok thank you so I can Search for them by touching the search icon up at the top?

Yep. Little magnifying glass thing. Try the jwa fan page on Facebook too. But there it will be hard to find someone by their ign

that’s a bad point of the game for me.

i would like to have option to talk with everyone i battle, both friendly and arena, hahaha.

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