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How do I fix this problem

So I just installed the game and after opening the game again after closing it, the game data gets deleted and repeats the (very long)download screen(like when you first install and run the game) and it does this every time I close then open the game.

what setup are you running the game (phone and OS)? Make sure you have enough free memory to run the game as it is a memory hog.

I’m playing on a Huawei BG2-U01 which has about 1gb of free memory and also has a "tablet manager"app with an “optimize” button and whenever I hit that button the problem with the game starts it happens too even if I dont hit the button

If anything is set up to clear your cache it will cause this problem. It is an issue with your phone or set up might want to ask google if there is a way to lower or stop the clearing of your cache.

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