How do I get Dino Bucks Faster

hey uhhh, so if you’ve seen my recent posts on the good news thread and the off-topic thread, you’ll know that i burned through a lot of my bucks on hatching and evolving a lvl 40 argentino (for labyrinthosaurus). I’ll still need at least 100 dino bucks in order to max out and fuse my labyrinthodontia. i’m still lvl 24, so don’t just say ‘Use the trade harbor’, which is what i’ve seen on many other ‘How do I get Dino Bucks’ threads.

You are fairly low level so you are probably fairly limited with what you can do unfortunately.

Do you even have the trade harbor open yet?

The main thing most people do is keep all of their inventory pretty much empty other than keeping certain decorations in inventory and wait for Chanya to offer DBs for them. Typically people store apatosaurus fossils and John Hammond memorials. You don’t have any of those unlocked yet so i would just try the most expensive decoration you have unlocked maybe IDK? I think some people have some luck with some of the PvP prizes and win bucks but again you won’t be able to compete in the best prize league sooo yeah.

good luck.

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Until you get the TH open, I would say just make sure you’re completing the daily missions to get the pack because I think you’re guaranteed 55DB. Make sure to get the free DB from the Facebook give aways (I think it’s usually DB twice a week). Also, redeem the free packs every 5 hours (or whatever it is).

I’m not sure if PVP is a great way to get DBs, but you do get a decent amount of LPs. Ceno PVP gives pretty good DBs, but you’re a long ways away from playing for the top prize there.

Edit: Also, don’t forget to get the free resources from gaming beavers JWTG YouTube posts. You might be able to get a bunch from old posts, but they cut off at a certain point, so go grab as much as you can.

hmm did you even read what i said? i don’t have the trade harbor open; i’m not even close

more of a skim


wdym getting free resources from TGB’s JWTG youtubes. i’ve been watching them for quite a while, but i didn’t know you can get resources from them. how?


Look at the description. There’s a link that says get your free resources here. It’s only for his JWTG videos though.


The vast majority of the DB you’ll get in game are from the trade harbor.

Before you have it unlocked, you just won’t get that much.

I’d mostly suggest saving them for hatchery slots.



yes, i saw. but it just took me to here

its just a description of the game…i don’t see any code redeems or anything of the sort…

Is this a juvenile account? Rewards links don’t always work on those

nope. i’m not using YouTube Kids, if that’s what you mean

No. Was your Jurassic World the Game account created as a juvenile account

Fastest way to get DB:

The long slow way is already detailed above, play the game every day, don’t spend your bucks frivolously and you will eventually end up with something like I have in the picture above.


I’m not sure what to tell you. I go to the description and click the link labeled below. Here’s proof I just did it.

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If you can get your browser to not take you to the desktop version of the site you might be able to avail of those resources.

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oh. actually i don’t even have an account, i think. i’m just playing on a guest account. how do i sign up? i’ve looked in the settings but i can’t see a sign up or log in button.

I don’t think you sign up anywhere, you just link your Facebook account. I believe it’s you click on the news tab on the right, it will ask you to link your Facebook account (you might have to click on one of the tabs on top after news).

But when you started the game, you were asked for your birthday. If you entered a birthday that you place you below 16?, the game gets created as a juvenile account