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How do i get legandaries

I never get legandaries in my circle and i find with the indoraptor gen 2 out there are 5 of em outside my circle and i can get there all i get is common or rare and the same common and same rare’s every time??!!

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Hi, @I_LOVE_ANIME! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Legendaries are seldom on the map. During certain special events, there may be a Green Supply Drop with a Legendary creature for players to attempt to dart. Otherwise, they are created and leveled up by combining other creatures made up with those same commons, rares, and epics. I recommend to keep darting them all! :sweat_smile::hugs:


Ok thank you( and your pic looks cute sorry if it makes you uncomfortable)

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Thank you, and you’re welcome. You’re letter pic looks cute too. :sunglasses:

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Are you single ?


I must warn you, your range circle will change tomorrow. Here is the link for that information.

Ends “today,” or 10am EST tomorrow.

Ok but this isok thx can i ask you something

Sure, maybe?

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@I_LOVE_ANIME, I am single. The hospital system labels me as “elderly” around here. I suggest this is enough to keep away :sweat_smile: (I have plenty more cards to play)
You changed letter icon to a profile photograph of yourself, you should have kept it up there. You look famous and handsome!
Thank you for this ginormous public compliment!

Man corono lockdown got ppl trying to pick up everywhere! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Oh my days!!!

This has made my day :rofl:

Asking how he can get legendaries? Well, he just became legendary. Some people!

I was laughing at this too, and made a meme for my alliance