How do i get more phorushachos dna?

I need dna for veloshachos do anyone of you have advices on how to get more phorushachos dna?

If you’re in Local Area 3 you can dart it a lot

What is local area 3?

Idk but i found it in the toolbox

Also if one of ur Alliance sanctuaries have it interact with it


Yea but where is local area 3

Wherever you find dinos that are in that zone. It’s a grid on the map, invisible to the naked eye. All the info is in the article.

If for example you find Glyptodon at your house all day long then you are in zone 1. This rotates monthly.


Zone three has eremotherium

If you have Phorus unlocked already, the best thing to do; besides going out to dart it; is to out it in a sanctuary.

Honestly velosrhacos isn’t worth it
Erlikogamma is just better
Save your delta dna for alloraptor and Allodrigues and your phorusrhacos DNA for phorusaura and phorurex


I have 3 out of the 4 Dino’s that you mentioned lol, but velosrachos is a lot stronger than you realize. You’d be surprised at how often I fought it in swamp

I fought a few of them but they could be one or two shotted by about half my team

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The 4 zones rotate every month so eventually you’ll see it to dart for a month. If you request it, I’m sure someone in your alliance will have a ton to give away like I do.

I have 10,000+ dna of pho but u can find it in


Or asking for it in an alliance

But I’d also recommend going for gamma