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How do I get more woolly rhino dna?

Since woolly rhino is an exclusive creature that doesn’t spawn in the wild its been real hard to get its dna. I’ve been constantly grinding sanctuaries and doing every singe event that has woolly rhino dna, but I’m still quite far from the monolorhino. Sanctuaries are my main source of dna but there’s a fixed amount of resources I can get in a day from supply drops, not to mention that fact that I have other creatures to level up in the sanctuaries.
any suggestions?

Not much you can do other than farm in the sanctuaries, epic request on Sunday’s, make the most of its events and if you want buy the incubator when it’s offered in the market

Event exclusive uniques are always a slog to level up :confounded:

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sanctuaries. it really helped me

You can buy sanctuary resources in the shop every weekend or every 2 weeks. Then get in an alliance with level 20 sanctuaries. You can get 124 woolly rhino DNA per day if you use all your free FITs every day (6 Food, 8 Interactions and 6 Toys).

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Or just go for Magnus… It’s like Monolo on steroids.
All you need is a lvl 17+ Tryo or a lvl 20 Skoola. And you will even unlock it at level 26.

Just kidding. Unfortunately there is nothing more you can do to get event exclusive DNA beside the things already mentioned. Without spending real cash grinding and grinding for ages is all you can do.