How do I get resources easier?

Hello I’ve been playing since March of 2020 and I’m lvl 56 and I was wondering, how do I get resources quicker not using the trade harbour?

do all daily mission ,a lot of modded pvp and all daily event


Thanks! I’ll do that at once

I could not exist without the trade harbour

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To answer the stated question:


The only resource you should ever need is dino bucks… now you either need to be patient and get it from trade harbor, doing daily missions, or pvp, or you need to pull out your credit card and buy it.

Every other resource is easy to max out. Just need to plan.
Job 1 max out coin production. Multiply your best dinos to 700%+ with decorations. Your still early in the game, so it’s still going to be a struggle, but job 1 is max coins. Once you get to more than 100 mil a day everything is easier (I think i am at around 500 mil)

Once you max coins, every thing else falls into place. Occasionally trade harbor will offer up 25 million food for say 60 million in coin. Take those. I try never to let my food drop below 30,000,000.

Trade harbor is your key. You need to check it every 3 hours and pluck out the good deals.

Don’t waste dino bucks hatching dinos. If you need to hatch a bunch of dinos, do it only when your getting a discount. I think vips have 2 good times. Non vip get one block of 10% off. I has taken me about a year, to get down from, 2500 unhatched to about 950.

I always spent my loyalty points getting 10k dino packs to get vip dinos. They hatch fast, and generate good coin production. Some people dont like to unbalance their dino hatching. I prefer to get tourney dinos for infinite challenges and pvp. After about 2 years of hatching vips, i had enough to to where i only needed hybrids and super hybrids to balance my teams out.


sorry, but to clarify, do you mean the card pack that cost 10k LP?

Yes, spending lp to get vip Dino’s in the 10k solid gold packs. Also doing prize drop and buying the diamond pack at end of the week for roughly $6000 Dino bucks. In a year, if you play a ton of pvp, I think I averaged opening 100 10k packs. Add the 52 diamond prize drop packs, and that totals 150 vip Dino’s a year.

If you can’t play a ton of pvp(20+ a day) and all the daily challenges, you will earn proportionally less.

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for me right now, the ‘novice’ prizes I get on the wheel make it not worth the time it takes to play the game, I can’t select a higher tier. But, thank you for responding.
as for 6k DB a week, I’ll believe that when I see it, LOL
I just started a few days ago, plan on the VIP, but not paying for anything more than that

Once you reach the top wheel for ceno PvP it makes LP gained from events for the day laughable, I beleive I got more than 10k LP in one run before.

As for bucks I wish you could win them more in PvP…


If you are putting in level 1 commons this is why it is being novice prize
For example: in normal ceno v land my top 3 get the best
Put in your best dino in to normal PvP to see what prize tier it will get

Your no where near doing what i did. Build coin production. Focus on hatching and filling your paddock. Use the decoration to multiply the coin production. Don’t waste resources on getting clock towers. They are great and get them when you can, but hammonds are nearly as good and when your coin production is up, they are essentially free.

Just focus on not wasting your resources. Especially dino bucks. Use the 1st slot in hatchery to hatch fast hatching dinos 2nd to 4th slot to hatch the 7 day dinos (legendary). When your early, you can waste dna, but when your about a year in, dna will become valuable. You should do all the code 19 challenges. It’s worth it for the dna and especially the sdna. Those super hybrids are going to be what you want later on.

There are videos telling you park layout to max coins, playing code 19 and how to take advantage of trade harbor. That’s the best path to follow until your about a year in.

Always work on unlocking the hybrids. Look and what base dinos you need to create the next level hybrid. When you have a choice to hatch, hatch those that will help you long term.

Even if your fighting in novice levels I think its still worth doing pvp. I think the chance for cash is the same. It’s been so long since I fought a novice match, i cant remember what you can get.

To get to diamond pack, you need to do all the bronze level tickets all week, they only cost you food and coins. I think you need to do 2 silver level tickets. Dna tickets are the 3rd and 4th day. All you need to do is touch the gold level to get the buy option for the diamond pack at the end of the week. The reason you want the daimond pack is it has 8 vip dinos you cant get from solid gold packs. If your vip, its even easier and cheaper. You wont have to spend the $6k in Dino bucks. Use loyalty points to buy tickets. I think if you buy all the gold lp tickets in the week, you get the diamond pack for free. Usually the diamond prize yields great dinos.

I play about 30 pvp a day. In a week doing all challenges, I gather about $12,000 dinobucks. That’s a lot, but its sustainable to get diamond pack (sometimes 2 diamonds at $6k each when the game glitches), and still buy down excess dinos to keep your market somewhat clear.

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