How do I get stronger creatures in JWA?

It’s hard. I don’t know where to get so many DNA for leveling up my hybrids.

On park level 10 with level 11 or 12 hybrids on my team.

The best way to get DNA is to request DNA in alliances, put creatures in sanctuarys, use scent capsules, do strike towers. Battling can also get you incubators which you can use to get DNA.

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Always focus on what is easier for you to acquire first, and then start working on what you actually want.

Every now and again just go out and dart everything you come across. The supply drops are good sources for coin as well, so collect from them as much as possible.

And as Overkill mentioned, request DNA, but understand that some creatures are going to be in higher demand than others so you may not get a lot of donations for those creatures in particular (Such as Dracorex Gen 2 even though it’s a common).

Do every strike tower, but know that some of the Epic strike towers will be too hard for you to take on atm (such as a The April Fool’s tower events).

Sanctuaries are also a good way to net a small amount of DNA every few hours, as well as PvP battles (annoying as they are).

Try to find an alliance that does fairly well in the tournaments, and participate in them as much as possible. Even an alliance that consistently nabs the lvl 6 or 7 Championship Incubators will do you wonders.

And of course do the Campaigns and Daily Missions.


I didnt know there were replied here, thanks @Phil

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Time. Time Time and more Time. Dart everything, max every supply drop, don’t miss any strike towers, don’t miss any weekly dinos and just keep playing. I remember at one point thinking, I’m never going to get these unique dinos, and then once I started finally getting Uniques, I would think that I was never going to get any of them to level 30. It’s seemed like a daunting task, but now all the uniques on my team are level 30 and I have loads of dna for almost every creature. It will come if you keep playing, stay tenacious and make sure you try to do all the activities you can (daily dna, pvp incubators, etc).


I think one part is I cant really manage both games at the same time. I play both TG and Alive but I tend to give more to the Game

I started with JWtG, but it was a wrap when I downloaded JWA. I found it to be so much more engaging and absorbing. I almost stopped playing JWtG immediately and haven’t looked back.


I do like JWAs darting system but the battles can be a big meh sometimes. I feel like it’s harder to build a god team in Alive but it may be just me

You have to grind for one thing at a time. Thats how I got my first legendary. Its a pain but worth it

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