How do i get the laughing emote?

I wanted to know how to get this emote, i don’t have it but have been playing for almost 2 years and i haven’t ever seen it anywhere.


well… there is at least 2 emotes i see opponents using since 2019 (or early 2020), i like them a lot but… never got them.

i just gave up. this time not even paying, lol.


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Do you know how u got the laughing emote tho? (thats ofc if u even have it lol)


i don’t remember exactly each one, but it seems they are all random.

some beautiful day i open a supply and pow! there comes a random new emote.


yes that one


i’d love to get these two to finish my “mr dna” collection…

but it seems pokemon cards are way easier, lol.

at least for real world cards we have community trade or dedicated web stores.

for jwa emotes only i have is waiting for ludia’s random algorithm.

The finger wagging one can be found as a bonus item in the incubator from Apex raids.

The thumbs down one is from an achievement.

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First one is from doing a lot of Extra raids, cuz it’s just 5% chance to get from there.

And the other has such a pointless mission. U have to miss 100 darts on epics.

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I think the laughing was April fools wasn’t it?

I think that was the badge, I think you get the emote through raid incubators, battle arena incs, or daily battle incs, I’m not 100% certain on those though

Yup, u get it from… No where. It was sent to u in the inbox.

I really need it for my alt cuz it gets bullied with that emoji.

The laughing Emote? You get that one from Speed-boosting Thor. Or so it seems. :roll_eyes:


laughing emote was given as exclusive in-game reward for update 2.0 .

Wow, thats weird cuz i was there during 2.0 and they sent 100 bucks but nothing else that i can remmber. I ALWAYS do and used to check my mail

i forgot to come back here.

to help someone coming here to read about that emote, i found it very easy to get those 100 epic miss shots.

no need to find a lot of epics nor loose dna.

just pick an epic in map, and fire every shot in dino body but outside target circle. dino won’t move and drone battery starts to lower.

every shot is added to that achievement and dino keeps in map for another session. and another and another… dino only disappears if we hit at least one dart inside target (what makes dino starts moving).

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