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How do I get the Utah raptor?

How do I get the Utah raptor? Is it only available in special events? I’m confused because it’s a beginner dinosaur and I’m level 38

You’ll have to wait for an unlock event for it. There was one a couple weeks back, if I’m not wrong.


Yeah the common and rare unlocks come to the higher levels from time to time. but you’ll have to wait i’m guessing maybe in two or three months for the utahraptor.


Same here I’m lv 66 I think and I’m missing a lot of commons rares and super rares including Utah raptor

I unlock it before the change in the update the only creatures I didn’t had change to unlock was the Aerotitan

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You’ll have to wait for a common unlock week. They come I believe once in 2 months? Someone correct me.

Closer to every three months. The last Common Unlock Week was in April. So, we’ll probably see another one in July


What’s a common unlock week?


You battle to unlock a bunch of different common dinos.

The best thing you guys can do is in the beginning of the game itself. Don’t go for leveling up rapidly. Stay at a particular level till you don’t unlock most of the creatures you can get at that level. Some craetures are available from level q to 10, 10 to 20 and so on… I am not getting the word what we call a group of level, I might call it tier?
If you want to unlock them and are now at a higher level, just keep leveling up and reach level 65. Play every battle having commons and rare creatures you want or even legendaries and you will unlock whatever you get because level 65+ players can unlock every creature they get.

You get utahraptor from a common unlock. However you could get unlucky and it could be low level players. I do hate that even though I have unlocked I believe all of the rotation creatures.

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Everything available to the lower levels is eventually available at the higher levels so the only reason to hold back would be convenience. The possible exception would be that during SOME bracketed tournaments, the lower levels get a lower Rarity unlock. I would rather advise players to get to level 65 so they can take advantage of Clash of Titans and Gen 2 Fury unlocks (which admittedly have been conspicuously absent the last couple of months)

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You got to open the harbor at least. It’s a game changer.

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