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How do I have the Same game on 2 different devices?


I’d like to switch devices and play the same game on the other. Please inform me how to do this I know its posible. Thank you!


Hey V_A, if you link your current game onto your Facebook account, you should be able to access your game on your other device by logging onto the same Facebook account on that device. We also recommend that you have your support key written down before making any changes to your game, just in case. I hope that helps!


How do you log in? FB or Google?


If it’s an iPhone, just use the same Apple ID on both devices.

Of course, the game detects the login from the second device and automatically logs the first device out, so you can’t play simultaneously.


Yes absolutely, you can’t play simultaneously but you can play on 2 devices. That’s it.


Yes thank you helped alot