How do I increase the rinchenia spawn rate

I need more rinchenia DNA because of the hybrid so I was wondering how I can increase the spawn rate I mean they always spawn outside of my range and I’m a play from home player

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U cant rlly like increase It but try using giga scents or epic scents

Rinchenia spawning out of range as well?
I’m not alone finally!
Also I think you might have a higher chance with scents especially the epic one

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If u are patient

2 ones spawned ouside my range

You really can’t increase the spawn rate, just use giga scents and hope you’re in the game when one pops up

At least you live on the same continent as the thing, so you’re doing better than me :joy:


a “play from home” player :man_facepalming:
tbh u shud be happy with what ur getting if ur not willing and/or able to go out and get it.

One night i went out to get a rinchenia i saw then went for a walk and got like 4 other rinchenia within the space of 10 minutes. so just dont expect it and just embrace all the opportunities you find


While I understand your sentiment, you have to be careful about disparaging people who only play from home: some might not have a choice (e.g. physical reasons, live in an unsafe neighborhood/area, etc.). But if OP can physically and safely leave, then yeah the fastest way to “increase a dinos spawn rate” is simply to go for them whenever they spawn on the map, even if it’s out of range.


I would also recommend joining a global alliance if you aren’t already in one. You can request Epic DNA on Sundays although everyone might be after the same.


yea that how I got my but I need struo dna just to unlock it and when the new raid coming

while it may be unfortunate if people are unable to go out for any reason; u can’t be asking for more than what ur getting imo, considering it a movement game. If everyone could get sufficient dna from home what is the point of the map

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yea have school so I play at lunch

I agree, I don’t expect Ludia to do any more than they already have.

I am in one

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