How do i join in tournament?

Well… the title says it all doesnt it :grin:

Now, you need to turn back in time.

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Hey Janssens_Vincent, the tournament has ended. However, keep checking back as there will be more upcoming tourneys for sure! Jorge will usually make a thread about the rules and details here on the forums as it approaches.

For example, last weekends Tournament: [Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Celebration Tournament (07/05)

If I could turn back time!
If I could find a way!


Yeah i know that it has ended… it was busy when i asked… but i couldnt find where to inlist thats why i posted. But then i saw you could inlist in the battle menu so ill be joining next time… probably wont get very far as i just started playing 2 weeks ago :rofl:

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Now you’re showing your age …

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Dont see why?

You won’t get anywhere actually =)… It would be better if you waited until you got a stronger team for this kind of event. If I were you I would enter only tournaments with same-level rule (every creature at 26, like friendly matches). The entrance is at the same screen of the battle arena.

Thx 4 the advice m8!
A lot better then a bs-comment about my age for some reason… especially considered that i’m 30+

I think that comment was directed at me, @Janssens_Vincent. :sweat_smile:

It was a reply to Ned for posting “ancient” song lyrics

People gotta pay more attention to what they’re reading. It clearly shows on the right hand side that it was a reply to Ned’s post.

Srry! My bad! Im new to this, i still don’t see how i can see, how its a reply, to who…

No worries - us oldies have issues with new tech :rofl: (50+ here)

The reply alongside the post replies to that post although it still appears in the thread at the bottom (it just shows on the right); the reply at the bottom of the page is a general reply to the thread itself.

Haha true true that :joy::joy:
Thx i see it now. But its weird that the reply’s dont appear under the comment it was intended to reply to. :grin: