How do I leave the alliance I created?

I joined JWA a couple of months back and initially tried joining existing alliances but they were all like the Marie Celeste … full of ghosts.

So I created my own. It got up to nine players but they just gradually all stopped playing so I was now captaining my own Marie Celeste.

I found that numerous players would join and immediately leave so nothing changed for some weeks.

I’ve started kicking out the ones that have been inactive for over a couple of weeks in the hope that if the team didn’t look to be full of ex-players then some of those who checked it out might stay. Also no change.

I then thought I’d leave the alliance and go find another but I find I can’t leave. The game says to transfer membership before I leave but I can’t. That option isn’t there when I click on a member in the list.

How do I either boost membership in the alliance or leave it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Click on Disband Alliance


on a member, you can upgrade their use to veteran. do this, then upgrade them until it says to promote them to the leader. after you do this, then click leave alliance.

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:flushed: That’s not an option I can see anywhere.

Ah thank you, I had actually already promoted the most active member to veteran but the option to promote to leader still didn’t appear so I came here to ask.

I’ve reposted a welcome message I had (but that had disappeared off the screen) in the group chat and I’ll see if that works at all at getting people to stay. If not, I now know how to get out. :+1:

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you choose to disband the alliance, I have 6 available spots for you and your active players . You can DM me so we can coordinate

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The alliance is Run Fossil Run

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