How do i lvl up my new chars when no gear drops for those chars?

here is the thing, i am grinding up my warlock and barbarian with my 2 best chars but no gear drops at all for the warlock or barbarian so i only get 52xp/round, this is slowly killing my intrest for this game
And there is no gear to buy for them either in the shop

grind, grind, and grind some more.

Rewards never seem to drop for the characters you want.

I was missing a pair of epics for my barbarian for the longest time when I was leveling him up. good ol RNG

RNG is the bane of advancement in this game. It leads to more grinding. Grinding leads to less interest in the game. It’s important to be balanced when it comes to driving players into having to grind, or pay2win and get the cards they need to advance.