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How do i make a parasaurolohpus Lux spawn or increase it's spawn rate

I’m one away from unlocking it

Just keep walking around it’s the only way it spawns if you are moving


I find the long narrow roads the best for short range spawns. Less streets the better since it could be on any street.

There is no way to increase the spawn rate. That’s why short range spawn is a stupid addition to the game. And on top of it, it is bugged. One week you have some another week there is none. Completely trash addition…

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I dont really walk is there anyway I can get it(its my fav dino)

I think there was an incubator you could buy a while ago.

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had an incubator, I wanted to find a paralux on the map, I’ve traveled for hours and I didn’t find any

Not sure what the big deal is, I ignore them half the time.

can u not its legit tilting, ive walked so much the last 2 months and legit got 2 spawns total. this is some totally inconsistent spawning BS


There’s a busy road in my area called “us19”, I literally see 1 or 2 a day. I think they spawn along major roads

oh so like near motorways hmm :face_with_monocle: , that would be nice if i lived close to one sadge

Thanks for the tip. Should start looking near roads. I’ve only found two since his release

That’s not much DNAs.

Dam you got 200 more than me :rofl:
Bet your same as me :pray: for a unique

No, it sure isn’t, but I don’t actively hunt and as I said I ignore them quite often

Why though?

  1. It doesn’t have a hybrid and I’ll never use it so darting it could cause me to miss something more important.

  2. If it ever gets a hybrid it will cost 50 per fuse meaning I have quite a bit.

  3. As I said, I see them pretty often.

  4. I don’t ALWAYS ignore them I simply don’t prioritize them.

Actually she does spawn without having to walk. The last two times she’s appeared I was just sat at home playing on the phone.

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More likely to more if you walk though

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I just need one more spawn and i have in my team i have 186 dna you sould be in sancsScreenshot 2021-08-05 1.14.56 AM