How Do I make this Hybrid?

Hi everyone… I’m interested in making the Antarctovenator.

For some reason I don’t know what finish to mix. I have the older one but the new dino eludes me. Normally I see all types of dinos out on my 1 hour commute… But I for some reason haven’t seen the one needed for this Hybrid. Is it one that I have to win like a Mortem Rex??

Antarctopelta which nobody really has

It requires the new epic ankylosaur, which is exclusive. we will a chance at it soon tho. it’s bound to be a master strike or even an inc in the shop.

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What they said

you need to complete the tournament

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The month’s tournament will have the hybrid and is components as a rewards. So if you have a good alliance, you might be able to get it. Good luck out there!