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How do i move closer to dinos?


How do i move closer to dinosaurs to capture them


You have to actually walk towards them, like, get out of the house and get near them :rofl:


Omg im an idiot thank u very much


How does one move around the geographical area to catch creatures with no WiFi access or 4G capability? JWA info seemed to indicate that a connection is required but your directions seem to imply that the connection is optional.


Well, you actually need a connection to play outside the house and the localization activated :thinking: it’s been pretty obvious for me since the start, I played Pokemon go too and both games works the same way so… Sorry if I explained myself in the wrong way.


Thank you for clarifying. I’ve had no exposure to games where my physical location mattered beyond signal strength and firewall traffic blocks. Perhaps I’m the only one with this lack of exposure and it’s obvious to others. Given that a connection is required, how much bandwidth is needed to play. I can obtain a hotspot but no other JW or JP games will work on them outside the highest covered areas. Coverage strength is highly variable here.


I honestly don’t know how good the connection have to be since I have a good connection basically everywhere. I hope an admin sees this so he may help you better than I can


@TheMothEater, thank you and congratulations on not having coverage issues. There should be a way to draw the Admin’s attention.