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How do I sell this to a new player

Me: hey man, check out Jurassic World Alive!
Friend: what’s that?
Me: it’s an ar game where you catch dinosaurs, then fuse their dna together and make new ones, and fight them against other players.
Friend: sounds cool, show me

Friend: there’s only like 4 dinosaurs around here
Me: oh there’s more but some of them are hidden
Friend: dinosaurs can hide? You know they’re usually huge?
Me: well indominus rex hid in the movies…
Friend: so you can catch indominus rex? Cool
Me: well… No…
Friend: so there could be a Trex like 20 feet away and we wouldn’t see it?
Me: yeah…
Friend: because he’s hiding…
Me: well hidden, hiding… what ever…
Friend: okay so you walk around for those four dinosaurs and hope you find the hiding dinosaurs
Me: well, I wouldn’t go walking for those ones. They’re all the same and kinda suck
Friend: well then how do you find the hiding ones?
Me: generally when I’m driving around or a passanger, I’ll get a couple good ones in an hour - besides, since the last patch, going out isn’t really a great way to get good dinosaurs anyway
Friend: well then how do you get good ones
Me: you incubate them!
Friend: like Pogo eggs, cool
Me: yeah you get them for winning dino fights… and strike towers give them out
Friend: okay, what do you get from these incubators? You get a dino?
Me: no, a bit of dna towards a dinosaur, but it’s mostly junk.
Friend: so you fight for junk incubators?
Me: well the rare and epic ones sometimes give dna
Friend: how do you get those
Me: fighting. And strike towers… you don’t get them very often from fighting but there strike towers you can get two or three epics and a couple rares a week.
Friend: but that’s for only bits of dinosaurs?
Me: yeah, and usually not what you need. The higher you get the less likely you are to get certain things.
Friend: but you want to get higher?
Me: yeah cause there’s tournaments
Friend: cool, and what do you win
Me: well after you’ve been playing for a bit, you’ll get a rare incubator… and after a while, you’ll get an epic incubator. Top 3 get a premium incubator
Friend: what’s a premium incubator?
Me: like 3 epics in one
Friend: of mostly useless dinosaur parts…
Me: right… now you’re getting it - you can also buy incubators
Friend: why would I buy an incubator of mostly useless dinosaur parts?
Me: so you can do well in the tournament
Friend: so you can win another incubator of mostly useless dino bits?
Me: yes sir! You also get coins and hard cash, and you can buy more coins or incubators with the hard cash!
Friend:The incubators that give you useless dino parts… how much are the incubators?
Me: like 50 bucks when you start getting up there…
Friend: 50 bucks?!?! I can buy a game for that!
Me: but you won’t want to play other games once you play this!
Friend: oh… I think I will…
Me: you can also buy scents that bring in random dinosaurs, and you can get good ones that way
Friend: those 50 bucks too?
Me: no… more like the equivalent of 10 bucks
Friend: do they last all day
Me: no, twenty minutes
Friend: 10 bucks for 20 minutes?!?!
Me: yeah but how else are you going to get the good dinos?
Friend: apparently not from incubators
Me: yeah definitely not…
Friend: and not from going out hunting them
Me: yeah those days are gone…
Friend: so scents will get you a dinosaur
Me: well, it’ll get you some dinosaurs. You don’t know what you’re going to get. And you might get unlucky and not get anything good
Friend: you can’t pick what you’re going to get
Me: kind of… If you go to the right area, you can help change the odds of getting what you want
Friend: so how often do you junk with scents
Me: most of the time lately…
Friend: so you pay 10 bucks for junk from scents… 50 bucks for junk from incubators, all to win an incubator that’s going to probably have junk in it?
Me: well you also have to buy coins…
Ex-friend: we’re not friends anymore…
Me: but it’s a great game!


So true… and accurate lately and also very sad :smirk::sweat:

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Sounds accurate.

I honestly stopped recommending this games to friends… realized how unappealing tj is s game sounds when you describe it. both my kids have stopped playing to the point im about to drop their vips… considering doing the same for myself… 1.5 spawn mechanics put a pretty big dent in my playing time.


I’m on the map searching for dinosaurs and this guy looks on my screen and asks me if I’m playing Pokémon GO :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Love this and so true!

Traveled hundreds of miles yesterday.
Saw little more than the same Dinos, in each respective local. Majungasaurus, apatosaurus, einiosaurus, meh, you all know what I saw…No trex, 3 rares and no epics except birds at special event drops.

Seriously questioning myself why I am still playing.



You forgot the continual pressing of a button and seeing the same animation for HOURS on end to level one creature up, to the next of thirty levels.

Ludia is scamming us more and more since launch

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Comedy gold. Plain and simple.

When I read that they could see 4 dinosaurs I thought thaey wre really lucky seeing that many!

Alos worth adding that for some of us (W. Europe e.g) it is currentky very cold & low spawns coupled with snow and sub zero weather is not a good combo

The game had a lot of potential but sadly the JW licenses went to Ludia and not to a competent software developer. There are soooo many things broken or just wrong with this game.

Aside from the graphic artists, who did an OUTSTANDING job, the rest of the devs seem to be totaly clueless and appear to be flying by the seat of their pants in a desperate attempt to keep the game running.

Honestly, this game is so unbalamced and broken, that I’m really surprised these morons can even find their way to their cars after the work day ends.

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Like any company, Ludia likely uses best talent for initial development, then moves them onto the next project. In comes the B team, with little knowledge of how the program works, but they are in charge of fixing the bugs…

Fixing something someone else made is often a nightmare. Likely, they don’t want to break it worse by fixing it.

The short answer to that question is: You don’t recommend the game at all. One of my friends from work saw me play the game and decided to try it out. After a few weeks he stopped playing stating that he didn’t have enough time to play the game what with work and family and such. My response was a simple “Fair enough”.

Also when I showed this game to my brother (who is a big dino and JP fan), he had a look through the lab and marvelled at some of the dinos and their animations (especially the T.rex). He then showed me PoGo and his collection of Pokemon, I politely feigned interest and we both ended up playing Hearthstone.


Wait everyone!! Best news is: this week showcase has Manjasaurus!!! Lol


And ludia never care about it :v:



Actually I’m unironically glad about Lythronax’s inclusion. I’m trying to level up Purrolyth and I’m always running out of Lythronax before Purrusaurus Gen 2. It’s rather infuriating since my Lythronax is sitting at level 14.

Don’t judge me, I was new and foolish. How was I supposed to know it would get a hybrid? :persevere:

To bad its unique is considered one of the weakest in the game… a good chunk of coins to be used on a collection dino.

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