How do I share my dinosaur


The reason for my complaints is because I only installed the game so I can share images of the dinosaurs to my friends. And I’ve yet to find a description video telling me, how to do so? Any suggestions anybody


Check to see if you device is an AR compatible device first.

Directions for AR


Its Apple compatible too follow links


My phone isn’t compatible so that is a shame as my mobile is only one year old


Yes, mine is pretty new too. Honor 8 pro here, so little bit surprised with this non available AR…


AR is something that is built into the actual camera of the phone. it’s nothing the App can do. if anything they are taking advantage of it for the phones that do have it. AR is something new as well so phones from about 6-8 months will have them


Of course! Should have thought to look into that, phone is a Samsung and 3 yrs old. Trying to put off upgrade…however if this games going to be as fun as I think…maybe time for upgrade.