How do I transfer data between 2 Facebook accounts?

So, my older brother told me I could have his jwtg account but it’s in his Facebook and I want to transfer it to my Facebook since my park isn’t the best and he has some really good creatures. How do I transfer the data between 2 accounts?

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Welcome to the forums first of all. I don’t think it is possible since the game uses identity as the only reliable source to track down all ingame transactions. Once you connected your game to your real life social media account, then it becomes nobody but you. The only way you getting it is to ask your brother if he gives you his own social media account info incase the game demands these while you are setting the game up in a new device. Other than that, I cannot see another possible solution as you having some other’s progress and making it yours. Sorry pal.

Contact Ludia Support with the Support Key and see if they can help