How do I transfer my game from my iPad to an android phone?

Well,actually it’s a bit more complicated than the title.

My second account is on my iPad, which is playing up and sometimes shows a dead battery when it’s actually ok. So I’m worried my game will be lost when it dies.

So if I transfer it to my phone
A. How would I do that as I already have my main account on the phone .
It logs on through the google play store.

B. If I put this account onto Facebook how will my phone know which account to log into?

So maybe I should transfer the game from this iPad to another?

If I do that how do I do so?

My son has an a/c on the other iPad and the game goes straight to that game.

I’m so crap with technology …

Is the game on your iPad linked to Google or Facebook? Or are you not logged in at all?

Basically, once you’re logged in, your progress is stored to that account.
If you log out on your phone and then log back in on another account, you should get your game back.

Not logged on at all I think

Then you cannot transfer it. It has to be linked, otherwise Ludia doesn’t know who you are.

So I should log it in with Facebook ?

Well you have 2 options, Google Play or Facebook :slight_smile: But log in to one that does not have an account linked to it yet.

Hi again @Schtemty

Interestingly, I just recently did this. First, make sure you have the ID written down or a phone of it in-case something goes wrong. Is your ipad account currently linked to your FB account? If yes, this is easy. Just sign out of your main account (it is linked to to Google, right). When you open up the game, it will ask you to log in. It gives you 3 options: Google, Facebook and Guest. Click on Facebook and log in with your facebook details.

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Yes, that’s a good first step, just in case something goes wrong then support can always get you back.

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You can then link your second account (the FB account one) to a google play email address.

currently my main account is linked to Facebook and my second account to Google. I just log out of one and back in with the other when I am on my phone.

So I just click connect on settings to Facebook with this account on the iPad, then log out on my phone and log in with Facebook on my phone?


Thank you both very much

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In theory yes that should work. Let me know if it doesn’t work. I had a 1 wee issue (but I think it is very situational) and no reason to mention it unless it happens to you.

It worked perfectly!

Thank you both again


YAY!! Glad it did.

Was following along, is this a good summary?

Your phone had an account linked to Google. You wanted your second account moved from your iPad so you first linked it to Facebook. So now when you open the app you must pick either the Google or Facebook link in order to load the account you want. Then, going forward, you either need to log in each time or the login stays until you deliberately log out.

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stays till you log out

My phone still automatically logs the game on with my main account.

But if I log out of that account on the settings then log in with Facebook my second account is now on my phone.

Obviously I have to make sure I’ve closed it on my iPad though.