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How do I turn off the battle chat?

Looked around in the settings, can’t find the option. Things like this are a distraction for me personally, and I think it’s only been used about once or twice by my opponents since it’s been implemented.

I wondered the same thing. It’s actually in the battle. When you start you’ll see a little … :left_speech_bubble: bubble on the left. Click it and select :no_entry_sign:

It will then stay off for every battle unless you reactivate it.


Open the battle chat, then click :no_entry_sign:


…Oh. Oh no.

That part of my phone touch screen is dead - all across that specific area (makes darting a nuisance). I know it’s my fault for not getting it repaired, but dang, that’s a real nuisance. Why it’s not in the settings where it belongs is a mystery.

Thank you both for answering though.

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You truly have to sit back and marvel at the ingenuity of the devs that came up with this marvellous addition to the game.

This addition that more than makes up for the in game chat still not working, the connection issues which are down to Ludias crappy servers, the outrageous moveset cautious strike, the crumby speed ties, the totally broken boosts that are now ruining the arena more than ever before etc…

Fair play to the creators of this ability to rile those who are still enduring the arena, because after all, it’s what we had all been asking for forever isn’t it?


Do you have access to another device? If so, make sure you connect to facebook or google play first, load it on the other account, battle once and turn it off, and you are good to go, since it will save as “emotes off”

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