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How do I unlock smilodon

I haven’t unlocked it it is the only thing I have not unlocked and without it I can’t unlock its hybrid

In JWTG, you would need patience since it is a event/tournament exclusive, other creatures that include in this exclusiveness would include kentrosaurus, Deinocherius, and Woolly Mammoth.
In JWA, you would need to wait for Day, Dawn or Dusk for it to spawn, fortunately it is a gloab spawn so all you need to do is wait for those times and then pop a epic scent and just cross your fingers. Keep in mind that Snythoceros is a event exclusive rare so if you don’t have it, you will have to wait for a event, pachy in JWA is unfortunately and Arena exclusive so you cannot hunt Pachycephalosaurus in the wild.

Ok thanks king cobra

Wow, bummer that you just got back into playing, as we finally had a Smilodon tournament just a month ago, the first opportunity to unlock it since Ludia promoted it from a super rare to tournament legendary. It failed to win on at least one Clash of Titans vote. So it could be awhile before we get another unlock for it.

it possible that they could put it in clash of titans

and i was so close to geting the smilodon

Possible, but like I said, last time it came up for a vote, it lost. Jurassics, esp. carnivores, always seem to win over cenos. Since we just had a tournament for it, and most players had it unlocked previously when it wasn’t a tournament creature, I wouldn’t expect to see it again anytime soon.

i hope they put in a smilodon genertion 2