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How do I use gifs

When do I unlock gifs? If I have them, how do I use them? Ik they exist cus I saw some.


Tap reply. Go to the emoji button. There should be a gif button too

There isn’t…

What device are you using


(I need 10 characters)

Does anyone know how to post videos to Facebook?

I’m on an iPad too and there’s no gif option available

That’s stupid that they limit it to computers. I use iPad for discord and I can use lots of gifs

Drag and drop into the comment box.

If the gif is saved on your device, just use the icon to load it. If it isn’t saved on your device, download it to your device first.

This button is there on iPhone/iPad.

He doesn’t download gifs to his iPad

I’m good. (Can we lock this now)

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