How do I use Tryostronix


Question for anyone who has her, what is the best strategy to use? I just got her and not having much luck with battling.


I’ve created it but haven’t used it yet. But the times I’ve battled it, the strategy that seems to work the best is to bring it in when you’re faster than your opponent and can take a hit from them without dying. Do the “ready to crush” power-up as your first move, absorb their attack, and then let them have it. If I don’t kill a Tryostronix after it does the power-up, I’m dead almost every time.


It’s depend on speed since she has immunity to deal with negative effects. no need to worry about got slower


  1. if she’s faster than opponent:
    Ready to Crush> Defense Shattering Rampage > Ferocious Strike > Defense Shattering Rampage >>> Ready to Crush and so on

  2. if she’s slower than opponent:
    Ferocious Strike > Defense Shattering Rampage > Ready to Crush or Armor Piercing Strike > Defense Shattering Rampage

the key is just keep to take a maximum damage from opponent as mush as possible before she faints.


@Dhrita_Gane thanks for the info :smiley: much appreciated


i’m in arena 8. i have it, but don’t use it. how i usually see it used is to open with it, predicting that their opponent is going to start with stegodeus or something similar. if not that, since it doesn’t have much health to survive more than 2 shots, use it as a closer when you just need to kill one more dino to win.


The perfect use is similar to gorgosuchus, kill low life dino whit ferocius strike and then oneshot the next dino dont matter what they bring


While I agree that it fits similar use as the gorgosuchus, it’s really more than that because it has one major advantage : its immunity.

For example you would never bring gorgosuchus against a stegoceratops with high stunning impact ready because it would stun you and kill you next 75% of the time, you can bring in tryostronix and gain speed advantage to kill the stegoceratops next turn (there are some setups where it works well)

To sum up I really enjoy playing with tryostronix and I used to play with gorgosuchus too (better attack stat) but I picked a side :grin:


Yeah i forget to mwntion that, is similar gameplay than gorgosuchus but better tnx to the inmunity


That’s a good explanation of the attack chain sequence.

At the higher Level Arenas, the Tryostronix doesn’t last that many attacks (unless he is faster and keeps one shotting the opponents).

I always felt the Tryostronix is best used as a sweeper/get in when the opponent dino health is reduced, finish it off using Ferocius Strike, then based on the speed/total health/attack, use Defense Shattering Rampage on top of earlier Ferocius Strike or add in Ready to Crush before using Defense Shattering Rampage followed by Piercing Strike and so on.


I have mine at 20 only and he is a beast in 5000 rank, imagine i could have it at 25+, 3k+ dmg whitout ready to crush is insane, he is one of my favourite dinos i have vs tanks, but yeah you must know when use it, i never start whit it.