How do I win this PvE battle

This was Sunday swamp event. I beat the first 3 rounds. Had 4 and 5 to go. But 4. How do I do this?


I should note I have been reading the forums and I’ve been trying to keep my Dino’s all about the same. Hence the lev 29 and 30 super rare with lev 40 rare.

Or any tips on this one? I’m trying to unlock the Dino tonight.

For the second lineup, I would do the level 20 spinosaurus, level 40 Ophiacodon, and then the level 30 Velociraptor.

My first turn I would block one, depending on what the opponent does next…

If it attacks with at least one I would then block for two on my second turn, if it doesn’t attack at all I will reserve two, my goal will be to get as many points as possible to my level 40 Ophiacodon after my first Dino is sacrificed which the Ophiacodon will need three hits to take out the first creature, best case I end up with being able to do three clean hits and then block enough to allow one hit to come through If the opponent goes all out on its next move while still reserving the rest of my points. So let’s say I get 8 points to my Ophiacodon I will attack with three, block with three and reserve two. If the opponent does go all out on its next move I will do three attack and three reserve, three kills the second creature, and reserving three makes the opponent think I am blocking three and since it only takes one more hit to kill my Ophiacodon it will more than likely take a 3 or 4 shot attack killing my Ophiacodon and brining in my Velociraptor to finish off it’s third creature which will need four clean hits to tak it out but in this scenario I end up with either 6 or 7 clean attack points.


Try to build up 4 reserves with your first bird and hope that he kills you with all he gots.
Kill his first amphibian with your second bird and use so many blocks that he can only hit you once. Then again build 4 reserves with your second bird and hope that you can defeat his next two amphibians with your last one.
If you are facing opponents like this you have to do some guessing.



Thanks for the tips.

The problem I was having with the carnivores was that if I blocked for 1, the computer would save 2. And the next round hit me for 4 taking out my first dino. I saved the first round. The computer still saved 2. The second round I could block for 3 to stopped the kill. Followed by saving all of the next round. This lead me to a path to win.

For the bird vs amph above, any time I have the strength to kill them, which was normally 6 hits (accounting for a block of 1 or 2), the computer knew I was all tapped out and stomped me, as the computer normally saved a couple. Even with 8 total, the computer knew I could only block for 2 max. Meaning, I couldn’t kill a computer dino without losing the current one. Since I already lost the first building up points, I was toast.

Will the computer always act the same way? Or does it switch it up. Meaning, if I work a way past the first dino or two, will it more or less always do the same thing?

One last question, the battle stages are getting tougher. Are those predetermined or are they based off of my ferocity? As you can see, I’m trying to hold off on increasing my ferocity until I have a larger line up that I can move up as a group. I guess I’m wondering if the computer uses ferocity AND park level, such that if I intentionally nerf my strength (which I am doing), it will just out match me.

Thanks for the help!

It’s been a while since I have done battle stages but I believe they are a combination of predetermined and ferocity level.

Yes, the battle stages do get harder, and sometimes you will have to level up further to complete them.

This event seemed to be one of those PvE events where the difficulty as well is somewhat the same for everyone across the board, not so much based off the ferocity of your current team. These look very similar to the opponents I got, even though I’m sure I’m a much higher level. Since it’s for an unlock, similar to a battle stage, it sort of makes sense that some players might not be high enough to complete it, frustrating as that may be.

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