How do people have such a high Tuoramoloch?


Not questioning if they cheated or even asking if they did. Just figure stigi was available in a different way before I started in June/July.

Tuoramoloch needs (I assume) 100 paramoloch per fuse.

Paramoloch needs 50 stigi per fuse.

I get 30-50 stigi a day from incubators.

How have some of the top guys gotten a level 27+ Tuoramolock already??

Was stigi more readily available early on in the game?? I know you could just buy incubators, but that seems like a whole lot to me. Just a curious question.


It’s 50 paramoloch a fuse. Also buying incubators in the shop can give stygimoloch dna and so can strike event incubators.


Couple ways to do it:

  1. Use hard cash to speed up your incubators so that you can get to 8 hour incubator faster and more frequently, which will get you more Stygi dna
  2. If you are VIP, you also get Stygi dna from daily battle incubators
  3. If you buy incubators from stores, it is one of the more “common” epics
  4. They also show up from strike tower rewards

All of these can add up substantially over time


Thanks for the correction. Can’t see it yet and just assumed 100 lol.

As for the strike towers, I guess I just have some odd luck in that department then. Have yet to see any stigi. Didn’t know you could get it there. Thank you for that info as well!


Thanks, never bought an incubator from the store. So I didn’t know it was a more common epic.

Still a lot to buy to get it but I can see how they have it now. Big money lol.


I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future they make hybrids for Secodolosaurus or Gryposuchus and these are the same people with high level ones. Those are even more common. :joy:


Dont care yourself there is guys whit 27, 30 uniques around because they are rich xd, just grind and next year you will have those uniques at 21, 23 this game is not a sprint, is a marathon.
Those top guys probably get bored of the game in few months cause they havent nothing to do


Oh I’m in no rush really. Was just curious since I literally have only had paramoloch for maybe two weeks and just realized how much stigi it would take it get it to level 20. Let alone start creating Tuoramoloch. Crazy crazy amounts for the tiny bits given haha. Just put indorap at level 23 tonight. Trying hard for Draco to finally get it to 20 and start Utarinex. But other than that. Really no rush on anything for me.


Secodontosaurus is kinda decent on its own once level 20+ it seems. A hybrid could be crazy good from it. I have mine at level 18 right now and occasionally throw it on my team for a laugh.


I just cant believe people find enough Tijuana-saur. Mine is still only 17, i almost never see it and never get its dna from incubators.


Well, if they ever make a unique for Koolasuchus, Secodolosaurus, Gryposuchu or Concavenator, I’m ready! :rofl:


It’s everywhere around me. Different areas I suppose. Mines level 20 with 11k dna right now. None of the other half’s to utilize it though.


I have similar issue except it’s with Dracorex and Dilophosaurus


I personally am lacking orano so bad. My dilorano is 19 1/2… Deinocheirus is 20 with some spare already. So many “other half’s” lacking for my fusion fun haha


Want to trade me some of those Dilophosaurus and Deinocheirus for this?


Would gladly if I could!


They should make dna trading amongst friends a thing


Would be awesome if it could be done in a way that it couldn’t be abused by multiple accounts.

Maybe small increments and only once a day period. Would still be nice to help each other out once a day.


I still believe that the best thing they could change would be a once a week or every two week migration. An actual full migration. Would level out the black holes in the fusion process. Most of us have an abundance on one side of each fusion with such disparity to the other side of that fusion. But that would be one of my very few complaints about the games current setup.

Overall, it’s fun to scavenge for the ones that are most needed. The race for that “anky” (or whatever your most needed is) that pops up for the first time in two weeks!!! Priceless lol!


I think increasing spawns in general would help a lot :joy: I feel like to get enough dna I have to drive, if I walk I will not get too far