How do people have thousands of DNA?

I have seen so many screenshots of people’s accounts or some famous Youtuber that has like 10000-20000 of common dinos DNA, for example, Velociraptor. I’ve been walking and darting for those Velo DNA and the max i can get for an hour is just so little. How do they even get that much?


Lots and lots of darting


saving up from lots of incubators.
i got 100K galli because i don’t use it.


When you’ve played for almost 2 years and reached a high player level, common DNA isn’t as necessary as it once was.

It’s obtained through alliance donations, mission rewards, season rewards, incubators…


A lot of time! :smiley:

Also, you stop levelling up certain common creatures after they reach a specific level for creating/fusing hybrids, so the DNA tends to stock up quite easily.


When you’re at level 20 and you’ve got the hang of darting, each dino you dart usually results in around 300 DNA each time (if you’re right on top of it). Over time, that really adds up, especially when you don’t need or use the dinos anymore.

I’ve got about 200k+ of a few common dinos that I don’t have a need for (looking at you, Diplocaulus, and you, Triceratops 2).

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There is a max capacity.
This is not it.
It seems discouraging, but trust me, it adds quickly.

As stated above, when you’ve been playing since the beginning it’s really nothing to have tons of extra DNA sitting out there.

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A LOT of time hunting, opening incubators, etc etc

I remember one week hunting all 36 event Gallis - now I have this beauty :sob:

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Snap! @Phil

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I did the same! Haha

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I’d donate my entire supply of Miragaia if I could. Almost 75k of it!

OP is talking about commons, I am sitting on loads of Epic DNA in excess of 15K+ (like Kentro, Sino, Raja, Carbon etc) and some are 25K+ (like T-Rex, Baryonyx etc). Their hybrids are all level 30.

Thats most of the time is darting and spending hours and hours outside with game running (plus throwing money in game too)

most i got in epics is 6200 alanqua.
for rares i do have 15K proceratosaurus just sitting there atm

I’m saving mine for when they increase levels to higher than 30! :roll_eyes:

IBH tho, it would be nice if we could use excess DNA to “buy” boosts points for that dino or it’s hybrid(s). Would give more of an incentive to keep darting them.

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I’ve been playing since launch and you swiftly build up lots of spare DNA.

Well, crap… Here I come to show off my obnoxious amount of Mujangasaurus DNA, and I’ve already been outdone!

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In the beginning with alliance missions, there were only 2 sets of 3 creatures for about 7 months or so. They were einasaurus, einasuchus, sino, majung, carno, and conc. I was able to get sinoceratops up to level 24 with this DNA alone (from level 15)

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Screenshot_20200306-182419_JW Alive

Screenshot_20200306-182430_JW Alive

Screenshot_20200306-182437_JW Alive

Screenshot_20200306-182456_JW Alive

Play long enough and you’ll easily accrue a sizeable amount of DNA.

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