How do players find park spawns?

Was in the park today and dropped 1 large and normal scent and didnt get an diloph gen2 or steggy or tri. A little flumoxed because now im thinking how am I supposed to get these important dinos which are meant to be common?

Does anyone else find this?

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I live like a street over from park I get park spawns at my house diluting my sweet zone 2 spawns that’s funny they aren’t spawning in the green zone!

The park spawns are complete trash right now. Poke fodder made a video on it a few weeks ago, and lots of players are complaining.

Dilopho G2 (common) is now more “rare” then most rares are.

I litterally find 2x - 3x more rare spawns in parks then a common Dilopho G2.

Rest assured that this won’t get looked at, as it doesnt stop players from buying pixels. If it did, or if strike towers eating dinos stopped people from buying pixels, you can bet it would be mandatory overtime day at Ludia. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Unfortunately Google Maps doesn’t believe that either of the large parks in my town are actually parks so I don’t really get the opportunity.

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Yeah i am the same. So when I do find parks its a little frustrating that i dont see any of thr needed common dinos lol

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Should try complain to google maps prob get a response that way :joy:

I find more dilopho gen 2 in front of beauty center than in parks


I am very tempted. It is silly that we have two large park areas and neither are green. It has made hunting event drops very difficult in the past.

I finally took the time to go to a pretty large state park nearby… it’s about the only place I can find dilo G2, but only go once or twice a week.

I’ve been going thru 10 mi or so of state park looking for stego to help the alliance a few times a week. Never once seen dilo 2. Sure hope that things get back to semi-normal after the holidays.

Not all parks are created equal. I hunt a small rural neighborhood with many ‘parks’ in it. There is also ‘park’ land around the neighborhood, all green on the map.

To make a long post short and without describing each one, they are all much different. I find the larger ones have no proximity spawns and few ‘park spawns’. I find all of my park spawns in the small neighborhood parks and the surrounding roads. I have visited a few large state parks and found slim pickings on actual park spawns also.

So try looking at smaller, neighborhood parks with a few SD around them. That is where I have my best luck on park spawns.