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How do raids work?

Nobody in my alliance can start a raid. How exactly does this work? What’s the procedure?

You have to find a boss on the map (they’re huuge creatures) and tap on it to create a lobby. Then you can send invitations to your friends to join.

They apparently don’t.

Yeah, I have members trying to create lobby’s and send invites, but nobody can join. Is this a problem others are having?

Do they complete campaign chapter 5?

There’s currently a bug affecting the majority of iOS users from accepting (maybe sending as well) raid invites. This issue also affects a few Android users. The devs are aware of this and should hopefully update us when they fix the issue.

Cool. Thank you. We want to try out these new features, but getting a bit frustrated.

What about creating a lobby/matchup system similar to that in PUBG? You click on the HUGE dino, it automatically sends you to “the lobby”, there you click on an “x” number person team you want to be on (yes, even a solo choice), and it automatically sends to a raid that matches that selection. That would take a lot of the invite problem away.