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How do sanctuaries work?

How do they work? Do your dinos get DNA over time? How do you take your dinos out? Are they stuck in there till it resets? Thanks

After 2 days, you can collect your dna that is given for free by putting creatures in sanctuary, you also can interact, feed and play with them to earn dna and see animations, others can do the same and unlock and level up creatures using the dna. A new sanctuary is shared with your alliance and a sanctuary can be leveled depending on how many people use it for interacting, feeding and playing. The max sanctuary level is 20, and as the levels go up you get more dna for feeding, playing and interacting with the creatures in the sanctuary, Sanctuaries reset in 2 weeks and you can only place non-hybrid epic, rare and commons inside. You can access sanctuaries on the map and through a button in your alliance menu above the alliance chat


my explanation may be odd but here’s my best go
So sanctuaries are a way to share and gain dna with your alliance I guess. If you are in an alliance, once you place a creature in em, its shared with your alliance, and you can find all the shared sancs in the chat tab next to the alliance bar. When placed in, you can use interaction tools to interact with a creature you place in the sanctuary to gain dna and to lvl up the sanctuary lvl. the higher the sanc lvl, the more spaces open up, and the more dna you gain. So when u place a creature in a sanc, you can’t use it until its returned to you, so u can’t battle with it, and when its returned to you, you gain dna(common-30, rare-15, epic 5?). And btw, you can only place non-hybrids of commons rares and epics.


Hey Souleaterblaze, our FAQ here might have some useful info for you as well:

I think a boost on the DNA that can be generated from sanctuaries is needed, really, you stick a dino in there for 2 days, you should at least expect to get the equivalent DNA as an encounter on the map

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