How do tapjoy offers work and link with JWA?

Hi all,

Any idea how tapjoy offers are linked to jwa?

I’ve had to reinstall the game and clear my cache after I started an offer due to connection issues. Im worried now that jwa will no longer recognise when I meet the criteria and not credit me the hard cash

They better be working. I’m currently almost done with reach level 30 in panda pop and it’s taking me at least 3 hours

Check the offer wall reward status. From there you can contact them. Send them screenshots of your proof. You may have to fight for it. Keep pressing on relentlessly and it should come through.

I did that one haha, it works.

Looks like it doesn’t for me. I just sent them a support ticket. Like, literally, right when I beat it, It said “Reward Attempt Failed”. I took a screenshot so that they would know that I beat level 29, just in case I have to send them that. This just happened 6 minutes ago.

Did u reinstall too? Or it just failed for no reason

it just failed for no reason