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How do they clone Cenozoic mammals in game (lore wise)?

Okay, I know this idea is a little silly since it doesn’t actually matter in terms of gameplay, and I’m probably thinking too deep about this.

But how are Cenozoic animals actually cloned lore wise in Jurassic World Alive.

Now, for dinosaurs (as well as Cenozoic reptiles and birds) they use an egg to house the embryo inside. The first film helps to explain that after all.

But for mammals, would it be similar to how Dolly the Sheep was cloned (the first cloned sheep)? Insert the embryo egg into a closely related animal (so for Mammoth it would be an Asian elephant) to act as surrogate mother?

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It’s creepier in JWTG about that. In JWA you catch them. This is a JWTG topic right?


Other than animals like the Woolly Mammoth and Woolly Rhinoceros, of which we have close living relatives, I think ti would be extremely difficult to do with current technology.

True, it’d be hard to do that theory with mammals that have no close relative today like Entelodont

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Oh my gosh I’m imagining horrible things

The birds could be an egg. Same with the turtles, snakes, and crocs. There are many close relatives for each creatures, probably with the exception of enteledon and archeotherium

I think a hippo is the closest we’ve got and… :hushed:

Funny you mentioned this. I was actually wondering how they got the dna for the Mosasaur in JWFK. How would they get any dna for the aquatics? I suppose mosquitos aren’t the answer.

I reckon this might be how it was done, people in real life were talking about recreating the mammoth and to do so they said they would have to put it in a modern day animal closely related to it, like the elephant, so to recreated wooly rhinos they would put it in rhinos, to recreate megaloceros they would put it in deers and so on

I always used lampreys. They suck blood, so that was my best guess. Although a mosquito could bite a beached mosasaur as well

Klayton Fioriti answered this a couple years back.

It’s covered in the Masrani Global website that was set up for the release of Jurassic World.


The mammals in JWTG are hatched in incubators. Not sure how this works.