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How do u get XP

I always thought that u get xp only through leveling up your Dino’s but yet I’m noticing an increase even without leveling up. Anybody know all the sources of xp?

Creation, fusing, and leveling up unless something was changed.

I knew about the creating one actually but I thought tht fusing doesn’t give you xp anymore?

All about lvling up and fusing. Use whatever is common in your zone but prioritise your A team over fusing for xp or you will end up with underpowered A team

Any use of DNA will give you XP.

1 per common
3 per rare
10 per epic
30 per legendary
100 per unique

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Also, if you’re in an alliance, but not looking for a particular DNA at the moment, you can always attempt to help out anyone in your alliance that is looking to build some XP by asking for some hybrid DNA!

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@yukataur25, Bunners has helped me with this in the past and I’ll gladly refer you to our alliance’s FAQ Post (bullet #7) or the Original Post.

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Fusing does, but the in-game display lags way behind. Just poor coding. If you do a bunch of fusing then view the xp, then go back out, then back in and view it a 2nd time it should update.

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