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How do we boost Grypolyth?

My little finger is telling me that Grypolyth may become very valuable in our team after the boost reset… For those who have been using it already, what’s the optimum boost pattern for it (assume level 30). Likely a lot of health and dmg, but if you plan to keep it in your team, you’re likely the best to know exactly how it should be tweaked by now. Thanks ahead for your responses.

So do you want advice on boosting Grypo or just our plans to boost Grypo

Well, if possible advice from somebody who’s already using it. From experience, opinions are always better based on experience. But plans backed up with good explanations can be as good :slight_smile:

I haven’t used it, but I have used Purrolyth a lot, which is similar. I recommend going a mix of health and attack with a little speed. Depends on whether you want an anti tank tank or master of healing.

for level 30 do a 15/15 or 12/18 look but dont boost speed

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Here would be my ideal Grypo. But this is my opinion.

why boost speed, it relies on counter attack damage anyway, and its heal are priority. If they attack with a priority then immobilize would stun for next turn

Yes, but the FD isn’t priority, so it you don’t boost speed, you lost an extra 12.5% on your counter, which means it might need an extra hit. Plus it still has plenty of heal and damage.

yes but you dont loose an extra hit if you have an extra 800 health and 200 attack because you have more health to survive longer

I think my problem is: I want it for the anti-swap, not really to take care of a particular type of dino. So basically, looking more for a somewhat “jack of all trade” configuration…

a jack of all trades, would be countering apexes, diorajasaur, sauropod and for no escape which would mean more attack and health and less speed, if you want it for tank build, you need more speed

You already mentioned heal, and Grypo’s main thing is his counter attack. So by boosting speed, I can possibly get my Grypo a better counter attack before the opponent can do anything to trigger it.

Ok. Well that also works for it.

yes but for one counter attacks you lose the advantage of more health, meaning more counter attack, also with speed boosts, you get the shield up making it take less, but you can’t stun than after an instnat move. For example, if thor is faster and goes instant charge, you resist than go immobilize, you can get an extra hit

For anti swap you want as much health as possible, so this might work:

I like this grypo

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Once again, you can heal, which gives you those extra hit points. Stop arguing that, as it has plenty. The stun is nice, but why would a Thor IC when it can predict a heal and Rampage, then IC? Also sometimes that stun can screw you over. I’ve won a battle because the guy using Grypo decided to use Immobilize and it didn’t stun. It just really depends on what you prefer. I like some speed to get my counter attack better faster. You like a brute machine that can crunch and keep going, not concerning about the counter as much but being able to deal with more damage and tank more at the cost of speed. Both can work for grypo. I just like mine with some speed on it.

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immobilize has to stun unless your resisted, and I accept the point of speed except for maybe give it a bit less

I just see a lot of Ardents at 118, so that’s why my ideal is 120, and yes I did resist the stun.

I was proud or her that day.

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nice acrocanthotops

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