How do we get in contact with ludia

How on earth can these company’s get away with this not having a phone number no real contact yet they charge the earth for these games and no real customer service. I didn’t get my DNA from the special offer the game crashed I only got the coins and the bux but I was meant to get about 2000DNA


Please someone tell me ludia s email address so I can email them


There are two ways to contact support:

  1. contact via e-mail address at

  2. Scroll to the top of the forum page and click the black “Support” tab.
    Click the orange “Contact Us” tab and fill out any and all pertinent information, including your support key.

Due to the volume of support tickets they receive, don’t e-mail them more than once or you’ll get reset in the queue. It may take 7-10+ days for Ludia to contact you, but rest assured they’re not ignoring you–they address support tickets on a first come, first serve basis and have to take care of the customers in line ahead of you first…Best of luck!


Hey Luvaloo2000, I’m sorry to hear that happened but the dino DNA could have already been automatically added to your account when you made your purchase. However, if you reached out to our support team, they will be able to clarify things up for you better and see if you received the contents.

No I didn’t I checked and I never got no epic DNA or rare DNA or even normal DNA because if I had of gotten DNA it would of shown up because all my epic and rare DNA I’ve not gotten a lot of DNA to begin with and I looked at what I had before I told you this I’ve been using all my epic DNA ok I would of noticed if I got any extra DNA ok

Hey Luvaloo2000, thanks for writing back. Reach out to our support team at with your support key, and they should be able to see whether you received your DNA or not and assist you. However, if you had already sent them an email, avoid sending in another one, or it could reset your position in the ticket queue.