How do we interpret this?

In the patch notes it said:

  • Not all dinosaurs are created equal. As you probably all know, some creatures like the T. rex or Blue are very high-rated, while some other like Iguanodon are less impactful. In this update, we have taken into account the value of each creature to balance each place in the world.

To me this sounds like a spawn nerf, the higher the value, the less it spawns, like seeing 8 secodontos for every ourano.
However, at metahub they were very excited with this news as it meant we would get more powerful creatures in stead of less.

What do you guys think it means?

I think it means that we’ll see more “high valued” creatures, like T-Rex, Ourano ect. And “less valued” creatures like Igaunodon. It might also mean that Blue would spawn in the wild seeing as how it states “creatures like T-Rex and Blue are very high-rated”

Of course I could be wrong but that’s my take on it.

Blue is high rated? By whom? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I dont really care about the blue part :joy:

I think it means better spawns :crossed_fingers:. Blue as a stand-alone epic is very good. Compared to hybrids and lack of wood spawns he’s less useful though. He’s just a movie character like the rest of the raptor pack, but more useful.

But why would they make the higher value creatures spawn more?

I think blue is a completely useless creature and how it’s deemed to be an epic is beyond me .

My guess is if all people see are iguanadon and diplocaulus all the time, the game gets stale and frustraying. Better spawn rates, doesnt have to be crazy high epics or anything means people can get more and a better variety of dinosaurs and progress. I imagine this is mostly a migration and just slightly upping epic and rare spawns.

Forget about blue, I was mainly asking for the fuse dinos like ourano sino etc