How do we know someone is a flagged cheater?

I know someone claimed that flagged cheaters show 0 trophies on the alliance roster… but could someone from Ludia please confirm this?

The reason I’m asking: One of my alliance members who still has zero trophies just got a top contributor award for daily battle incubators. Of course this could be a bug or glitch and I don’t want to assume that someone (who isn’t a new member and had a different trophy number before) is a flagged cheater.

Thank you for clarification.


it will show 0 trophies throughout the season.


Lots if 0s still. Players who were top 10, even 1st place. Still sitting on 0 trophies 2 weeks after the update. Youtubers… the list goes on and on. I guess they all stopped playing when 1.8 got released.

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If you want a real answer id suggest trying support.

That said if they are getting top contributor chances are high they are flagged, the person in question had a flagged account so that most likely one of the best answers we will get.

All that said… if the person is a top contributor is it worth losing their contributions for.


I’m certainly not kicking anyone unless I know for sure… benefit of the doubt until then.