How do we report cheaters?

I cannot seem to find the method to report cheaters. Can someone help me and point me in the right direction?

I’m tired of playing against them and about ready to quit.

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Hey Athlon, our team is working hard to try and prevent cheaters and spoofers on the game so if you have concerns or want our staff to take a closer look at an issue, email our team here at with more information and your support key.

Before going ahead and reporting people, would you be able to share how you are identifying your opponents as cheaters? What are they doing that classify them as cheaters? e.g.: Have extremely high level dinos, doing things that’s not possible, controlling your actions, have more than 4 dinos on team?

Asking specifically because there are many scenarios where due to game issues like connection issues, one might think the other person is a cheater. Then there are bugged bots!


Sure. I am facing the same dino in the same fight more than once. Or fighting 5-8 Dino’s to loose. Winning a match but loosing trophies. Loosing trophies at a rate that would indicate o played 3 matches and lost them all. I typically see 25-35 onost fights win or lose. But when loosing 87 49 and 65 trophies on a match, something is off.

My favorite is going in 2-0 and having maimed their other 2 significantly I will then see the three cloaked God’s appear. Irex, iraptor or gallimono. I will then lose 3-2. That’s more than 4.

This is a well known bug with the Ludia bots that people have to battle from time to time. The best way to check if it was a bot you just fought is to note the name after the battle, then check your recent opponent list. If that name is NOT on it - you just fought a bot.