How Do You Allocate Boosts?

I’ve got a buildup of health boosts and I realized, I don’t have any creatures I really wanna use them on. I’ve put some onto my Diorajasaur because I wanted her a little tankier, but most of my dinos would benefit more from speed and damage.

Obviously speed boosts are everyone’s favorite, and you want to put as many as you can on your preferred fighters, but how do you decide who gets them? What about health and attack? Do you also have a bunch of extra health boosts because you prioritize attack and speed on your team?

Let’s discuss.

I’m also open to practical advice about using boosts since I kind of have no clue what I’m doing, I just use them when I have them. They were much more straightforward when there wasn’t the 30-tier cap across all stats.

I rely on boosts won through strikes and arena incubators. Still bitter that I am in lockdown and had to sit and watch as the boost strike this week was in the distance.

I’ve boosted my speedsters the most, but not exactly going full speed ahead. Instead, I have an erlidom more on the tanky side with 133 speed, a spyx with 145 speed that has a bit of HP so it can battle most Trykos and Thors that don’t go full nitro, a 133 Kaprosuchus, and a 133 Utarinex (aiming for T5 HP, T20 A, T5 speed). The Kaprosuchus gets a tier in hp/attack every time I reach a milestone for a critter. So far he has T3 attack and T1 hp, aiming for T5 HP, T20 A, T5 speed.

I’ve boosted attack to T13 so far on Erlidom and Spyx. My Ardentismaxima has T10 HP and I’m stopping at that, currently no attack boosts but aiming for T20.
Carnotarkus has T3 HP, aiming for T20 HP and T10 attack.
Gemini has no boosts, will probably go T10 hp, T20 attack, same goes for my currently unboosted Tenontorex.

You boost to optimize your team mechanics vs your opponents of your trophy count.
After that, you tweak to adapt to the boost meta.
It DOES change.
My advice would be not to tweak until your entire team is done.
I would speed boost all your speedsters to 150 minimum.
That will trump the nitro thors if they are still out there.

only using boosts i’ve accumulated for free.
i don’t have my boosts spread out in the best way. (1-2 high boosted stuff until i get my dream team) but i try to boost things to where i want them stat wise for their given level.

For alloraptor lv 20, that was 3K hp. 138 speed and the rest in attack at the moment. don’t know where i’ll go from there, but i will probably drop some speed for health or damage down the line. depends on what she needs to keep up with what she’s supposed to counter.

got a magna boosted to 150 speed, which i only did for the Goat strikes. Smilonemys is +3 in speed and tryko is a 10-9-1 spread. Ardentis is +2 in hp.

I have a gemini, an indo g2 and a constrictor that are currently unboosted. still figuring out what i want for each as i gather boosts and level them more.

Alright. This is making me think I should give some extra health to my Tryko, I keep forgetting that I can consider him a tank.

It’s taking a long time to get enough boosts for any one creature, so I’m holding off a little. My team isn’t endgame yet, so as tempting as it is, I’m trying not to go all in on a particular dino. I’ve got some stuff on my team, like Thor and an overleveled Stegod, that I plan to swap off eventually. I wouldn’t even have the Stegod if she wasn’t so damn good at slowing down Indoraptors… I’m pretty firmly entrenched in mid-Aviary and everyone has Indoraptors who are better than mine.

I gotta ask… Why the overleveled Kaprosuchus?

He’s my favorite critter and people do not expect a Kaprosuchus to land on them, especially when cloaked or with instant invincibility on. Plus due to people often investing low amounts of boosts into HP, this makes Kaprosuchus even more of a pain to deal with.

That’s smart. I used to play Megalosuchus for similar reasons. Eventually though, he was too slow…

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Speed? What is speed? DioRaja is better to to have maxxed health.

Speedsters need some speed but balance with attack and health.