How do you beat minotaurs?

So minotaurs kill you instantly if they move to Melee range of a character. Normally they start at the very end of the field so you focus killing it before it gets to you. Pretty cool mechanic.

I’m stuck on the last room of this dungeon though- a Minotaur starts two spots away from you and goes first every time, stepping forward and killing my party.

Since he goes first there’s literally nothing I can do to beat him since everyone is dead before I even get a turn. Is this a bug? Or is there some type of special party I need to be immune to the damage or something?

I beat it using the warlocks immobilize. She has to get initiative then freezes them, stall the cooldown while you kill. Rinse and repeat. The bards dominate ability will also help

Worked great thanks

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