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How do you beat

Taunt…counter attack…and regenerate?

One took out three of mine!

Dont attack, when there is a counter attack present.

To get around that use AOE only spells, and stun - Stunned characters cant counter attack.

Mass Dispel from Paladin gets rid of regen. But just focus damage a target and regen wont help in long run.

IF youre facing the last enemy and they have taunt/counter/regen - youre gonna need stun.

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Good advice…but what about taunt and CA?

And thanks!!

Stun is what beats Taunt and CA :wink:

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Also Dominate, Dominate effectively neutralizes a target for 2-3 rounds, even if they are last man standing, just wears off faster.

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My dominate only counters for 1 round and I don’t have stun yet

You need to make some decisions early in the fight based on who you are going against and who you have.

First off if Tommus or Halbanet is there the regenerate/taunt can cause a lot of trouble. It’s not impossible to knock off either one in the first round depending on everyone’s levels and attacks, although Halbanet will usually be easiest in this respect. If you can’t do that you should probably go after Tommus immediately (or take out weak characters like the warlock or the thief then switch to Tommus) and whittle his health down some before he gets regenerate.

With all that in mind you do not want to leave Tommus or Halbanet as the last man standing on the opposing team since regeneration becomes even more powerful if it takes place after each of your attacks. These characters can be just about impossible to kill if they are the last one of their team until you get to tripe higher middle levels.