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How do you boost?(for people that do boost)

Do people boost to unstoppable levels (proceratomimus has 146 speed)or do you do slight boost for a more fair game(indo has 130 speed, that way it can still get out speeded)

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Uhm… middle ground? tho a bit more on the heavy side.

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I attempt to go all out. It gets interesting when everyone has gone all out.
Custom builds really come into play.
Health is doing better than I expected and I need to tweak my teams a tad.
Sometimes a mistake build ends up doing better than you thought.

Unstoppable but not exactly maxed out. Things with extremely high attack and low to medium HP. Such as 10/20/0 on tanks, and 10/18/2 on erlidom or 3/19/8 on Spyx once they’re level 30. My Carnotarkus will be the exception. 20 HP, 10 A, 0 speed.