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How do you boost Mortem

OK, we are already seeing more Mortem this week in arena. Next few weeks, we will see a lot more. The big question is what would be the optimal boost ratio for it. (To make it easy, let say that we are talking about a theortical lvl 30 Mortem and 20 boosts available for each category, so we compare apple with apple)

My thought are: It won’t be that good for arena and likely more useful in raid, but if you spend boosts on it, you still want it in your arena team anyway. Since I think it will be more useful in raid because it’s being able to use Roar (group damage) against the small dinos and hopefully being followed by a second dino who can finish the job like Maxima or Gemini (without having to worry anymore about shields up and only have to wipe out damaged dinos).

So my “optimal” Mortem would have 2 Health boosts, 20 Damage boosts, and 8 Speed boosts.

Basically, you want maximum damage, because why not. You want some speed (it’s immune to speed decrease, but you want to be faster than most tanks out there (except the speedy ones like Magna), but you still want to be slower than Tryo/Irrit to get a damage/crit boost in raid (remember, I said raid first but usable in arena because why not…). So 2 boosts left on Health because we are talking theory with 30 boosts…

That being said: What is your optimal boosts pattern for Mortem


hp 10, attack 20, its too slow anyway

20 damage, 10 speed is my personal plan. Hits hard enough to beat all tanks and potentially one shot or at least dent all cunning counters, and is faster than every tank. Maybe a little bit of health to survive a max attack phor IR, in case it comes to that.

just have it immune to almost everything or have cleansing rampage {best idea-have it having 5500 hp and 3000 atk}

Not that I’d ever get an M-Rex in this lifetime, but I’d do 10 HP, 15 Attack, and 5 Speed. Just a bit of speed to outspeed those who max out everything else. This thing is better than Thor - in the form of a constant access to a move that will hit all opponents. With that case, it is wise to have as much damage as possible.

Will go for 6/16/8. With decel. resistance and cleansing distraction, will be very useful in arena too.

For raids is better that don’t have more than 8 speed boosts (124). Tryo base speed is 125 and Irri 126.

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