How do you deal with para?

I can’t kill the stupid thing


Maybe try something with high damage? Can I see your team?

revenge with indot? don’t really have an answer yet.

Here’s the stats, and here’s my team

He kept swapping between that and his skoona

Mostly these two. Make it vulnerable and hit it hard. Don’t cloak if they have the resil move ready.


why do u use hydra in the first place if you want to beat paratroops

Parasauthops beats almost everything that doesn’t have armor. Skoona is gonna be the best thing on your team to kill it.

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Have you seen how it looks??? Its gorgeous!!!

ik but if u want to beat smth like paratroops, u need stronk armored creatures

Pho can revenge it too as long its in ccr range. Most paras dont boost speed so pho will be automatically faster most times and 0 swap and low stun resist means swapping is a bad idea. You can also predict opponent will swap it out and bring it back later and trap it with pho


On an unrelated note I love the pose of the indot in that photo

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Nitro Mortem maybe?