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How do you deal with thor - sans boosts?

I am loving 2.0 so far. I’m staying boost-free for a bit, but these immediate thor boosters are making me pay for it. How are you dealing with those who immediately reboosted their thors - with your unboosted team? I’m looking for suggestions please. Thank you!!

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Exhibit A

143 speed on particular is especially problematic due to requiring 2 sidesteps to get ahead of - 1 instant charge keeps me slower.


My Maxima and Gemini are my only hopes, I just press Greater Thagomizer and cross my fingers hoping they don’t crit.

And here I was expecting people to actually drop Thor.
Some things never change, I guess.


This is why I kind of want my tarkus to be beefy again. And also why I want a Magna.

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