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How do you feel about achievements

Tell me how you feel about achievements. I like them personally good job Ludia.


I like them. its something to work towards and you can’t auto unlock all of them.
But some need to be reevaluated on where they stand. Difficult achievements are fine to have, but when they stand in the way of progressing and unlocking many many more achievements to complete, its a problem. Take the darting direct hits on epics ones. they are required to reach new ranks in the achievement list. it could take a long time for people to get those achievements as either they aren’t good at darting, the epic they could do it on doesn’t appear for a long time, or their phone can’t keep up to allow for it to happen.

should they keep these difficult achievements? Absolutely, i still want to try for them. But they really shouldn’t be a roadblock to progress like they are.


Ok that’s good

They’re fine besides the place dinos in sanc part. In my teams we don’t have side sancs and only use co op so it’s a headache for people to leave and rejoin.

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I like em, a lot, glad you don’t unlock all of them in an instant if your a long time player and how some are mysteries and puzzles. Do wish some of the harder ones didn’t block you from progressing tbh, and that some were not impossible without VIP since it would be irritating to have all achievements complete but be missing a few that are impossible to complete without VIP. Other than that I really enjoy them


Agree, like that it keeps you busy for awhile, not done in one week. Some are a bit ridiculous though. Win 35 PvP battles with a team of all commons. Seriously!? In Gyrosphere, no way. Clearly Ludia doesnt get the hint that people do NOT enjoy the arena at all right now. That one really irks me. But overall, they are fun


pvp also means tournaments. so if you don’t want to drop to try it, theres always a tournament.

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Completely agree with this, it’s something new to a game that was becoming quite stagnant for me.

Also, the exact position I’m in. Don’t think I’ve ever hit 10 darts on one epic (lol I’m terrible at darting) but the fact I can’t progress is just dumb. It should be complete X out of Y achievements available to progress, not specific and improbable ones


I really want vip

I got this one done in the recent torny, was a pretty painful experience but managed to get that Sloth Icon I’ll be using 24/7 from now on.

i am ok with all except the 10 dart epic for lvl 11 even on vip i suck and cannot find a suitable dino to dart its very frustrating


I really like them. They give us something else to work towards while playing.

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I think they’re great. I have zero complaints aside from that a few were giving out the wrong rewards, but that’s been fixed (just waiting on the correct rewards in my inbox now). I’ve been playing the game more than usual lately just to finish all the weird battle-and-emote-related achievements.

My personal opinion.

Some are challenging and takes time to complete i.e. Dart 130 Different Creatures, Get 1k Direct Hits on Epics, Dart 30 Different Epic Creatures, Fire 15k Darts, etc. These tasks will ensure many to keep their eyes on the weekly calendar and try to grind in different localities.

Some others are complete nonsense i.e. Fire 15 Darts in One Drone. Get 6 Direct Hits on an Epic Creature in one Drone. Get 10 Direct Hits on an Epic Creature in one Drone. Most if not all of these missions are impossible to complete without VIP subscription and even with VIP many are still struggling (including myself on the 10 Direct Hits on an Epic).

As a result, I can’t progress to the next level. Wishing for what? Luck to progress? After some time, I’m giving up and don’t care anymore. Because once some tasks become impossible to complete, it is no longer enjoyable, but just plain pain in the back.

There’s also other tasks i.e. get 5k Direct Hits on Veloci? Maybe suitable for new players. But for end game players who have already maxed out their Indoraptor and Erlidom, we can’t find much use for Veloci DNAs. So, it’s a waste of darts.

Besides, the Darting tasks will become a very hard task when they remove the Pack of Darts and Giga Scents offers.

That one was actually changed to 13 yesterday, meaning all 3 are now technically doable without VIP, but it does depend on your device to some extent.

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Just wish some hard ones had better rewards


They’re not all THAT bad imo, some do give pretty good rewards (badges, bucks, and the the thing I am almost always short on: COINS), as for the other rewards others: “meh”

Short version: I am neutral about the rewards. :upside_down_face:

(Hate the “10 direct hits on epics” achievement though! :tired_face:)

To begin with I thought they were much better than I thought they’d be. When the release notes came out pre the launch I was like why? Then I started getting pop ups saying I’d done this that or the other and I was getting hard cash and coins so it was all good.

Now I’m at the point where there are various achievements I’m never gonna achieve so I’m like meh… I’ve never been a great darter so the epic 6 direct hits ain’t gonna happen, nor is however many raptor hits you need. And as I look through the list I just shrug and hope the next update has some dinos and balance in it .

It looks entertaining at first, but on closer inspection, it’s just a disguised, fake fun way to sell you the VIP pack and spend coins in a useless way. It’s a good idea but some of the achievements are badly balanced (as always) and some are just ridiculous and pointless. This is the kind of aspect that a player/fan could have developed so successfully. It’s a pity that decision makers don’t have the same knowledge and love for the game as we do…

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That’s really dumb to be honest, no offense. Side sanctuaries don’t hurt anyone and if you can’t make a rule change because of a totally new game mechanic then there’s a rather serious issue there :wink:

I like the achievements a lot. When I read patch notes I wasn’t impressed but the amount of tasks and the multiple levels they have implemented is really something I enjoy. Some of the ridiculous tasks are fun.

Unfortunately I’m super stuck at darting 10 direct hits on an epic. I really wish this wasn’t an achievement that halts progress. I’ve done it twice in 3 years so the odds of me getting this any time soon are super slim, while others who shot past it are already at level 20.
I could try it with the VIP trial, but I feel like it’s not worth it and not even a guarantee I’ll manage.
I don’t want VIP, not even the trial. Extra dart time is something I dislike because 1 dart session takes over a minute for me already on my phone. And I want everyone to run the same game. No benefits.